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I believe in fate. Untitled Document

I believe in fate.

"Realize the absurdity of wanting security when life itself is insecure and finite. Accept that the only integral promise one can make is to tell you the truth. No “forevers,” no “till death do us part,” only truth. And that’s enough."
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Pinky swear, for me and my fiancée. Done by rich Hadley at rain city tattoos, Manchester, UK. and

me & you 
"And then we never spoke again."  - 6 word story  (via restlessrush)

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More Pink in Eureka.
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Gianni Versace’s final ready to wear collection and Donatella Versace’s Spring 2015 collection 

tfw u block someone’s phone number, imessages, snapchat, instagram, okcupid, facebook and they STILL FIND A WAY TO CONTACT YOU

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Backstage at Rodarte Fall 2012 Ready to Wear
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Surrealist designer Pedro Friedeberg photographed by Kati Horna, 1966
you-talk-cute said: so you do anything for your butt? like work outs

nope, i wish i could!! time doesn’t really allow though. i’d like my booty to be more toned!!

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Do you ever get this overwhelming sadness wishing you could save all the terrfied, hurting animals around the world.

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"Find someone who would not let go of you so easily."  - Unknown

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Skull Candle Holders